Istria, the largest Croatian peninsula, is rich in tradition, blue sea, sunny vineyards, highest quality virgin olive oil and cultural heritage. It suffices at first glance, and true love develops when we discover all its beauty, heart and soul.

We offer our clients the organized popular day trips.

The picturesque Istrian landscape encircles us not only with its coast but also with the beauty and cultural heritage of its interior. Rovinj, Vrsar, Novigrad, Pula, Porec, NP Brijuni are just some of the unavoidable destinations. Enjoying natural beauty, Istria can be introduced from various perspectives and you can complete your active holiday free climbing, rafting, cycling and panoramic boat trips. Istria is a perfect blend of marine and continental natural beauty whose tour is the favorite activity of tourists.

We offer our clients daily excursions we organize according to their wishes.

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