Environmental & Pool maintenance

Environmental maintenance

Our professional team deals with year-round maintenance and arrangement of gardens and
backyards in villas, holiday homes and business facilities in the Istria County.

Landscaping and maintenance (aeration, fertilization, mowing…), installation and care of irrigation. Planting, fertilizing, hoeing, pruning hedges, shrubs and trees, and taking care that all the flowers inthe garden receive proper care.

If you want quality, orderly and responsible maintenance of your gardens, we are here for you!

Pool maintenance

We offer a professional pool maintenance and cleaning service. Pool water is susceptible to the formation of microorganisms such as algae, bacteria and fungi that threaten our health.

Limescale and corrosion can significantly decrease the functionality of all equipment. For that reason, thorough cleaning of the pool, filters and disinfection are necessary to keep the water clean and safe for health, and the pool system to remain correct and functional.

Once a week and once a month we take care of the quality and purity of the water. We do general cleaning at the opening of the season and preparation for the winter at the end of the season. We also do emergency cleaning on call.

Cleaning of the external surface

Natural stone and natural stone products, especially those placed in the exterior, are exposed to different weather conditions (rain, sun, snow, ice…) and the influence of human careless action (spillage of various liquids, lubricants).

Therefore, from time to time, it is necessary to pay attention to their cleaning and protection. Specialized service for cleaning, protection and maintenance of all types of stone surfaces performs machine washing of hard floors, facades, high-pressure washing of all types of surfaces, protection and impregnation of all types of hard surfaces with top quality equipment, including high-pressure machines (300bar 140ºC and 500bar 38 lit / min ), professional shampoos and polishers, floor washers, as well as vacuum cleaners / water pumps in combination with the highest quality chemical solutions, degreasers, industrial acids and superior impregnations based on water, solvents, Teflon or nano-impregnations.

Cleaning and washing of the external surfaces of the facade consists of applying a disinfectant to remove organic dirt (mold, lichen, moss, grease and other impurities) and hydro-dynamic cleaning and rinsing (300bar 140ºC and 500bar 38 lit / min). Facade cleaning without scaffolding costs up to 10m.

With a professional mapproach, a professional team and the use of the most modern machines, we guarantee top and fast service and long-term cooperation.

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